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Hawke Video Riflescopes Demo Library - Quality to Challenge Big Name Leupold, Burris, Nikon, etc. | Hawke Catalog - Download PDF
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Hawke Riflescopes Video Library of Scope Demos and How-To Tutorials

Hawke Scopes have Ballistic Reticles, Programming Software, and Special Design Features
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How to Shoot Long
Range with a Rimfire Rifle
from Blaine Anthony on Vimeo

  We show you how to shoot long range with your Rimfire rifle just by adding a Hawke scope. Lots of people shoot long range with their Rimfire, but not everyone has days to dedicate to range time to do that. Hawke has a new long range Rimfire scope that makes shooting your Rimfire out to 200 yards easier than ever. If you have always wanted to shoot your Rimfire rifle long range, but haven't had the time at the range to make it happen, we show you how to make it a reality.
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Ballistic Reticle Software (BRC)
Hawke BRC Software DVD
Hawke BRC Software I
Hawke BRC Software II
 Hawke Riflescopes have some unique features that are hard to fully appreciate from a written description or photograph. This library of Hawke Scope Videos will give you a feel for the exceptional quality of Hawke scopes as well as how the Special Reticles (SR) work with the Hawke BRC software. With regard to the Hawke BRC Software: The two most direct "How-To" videos are shown above right as "Ballistic Reticle Software (BRC)" and above left as "Hawke BRC Tutorial".   References to Air Guns - Hawke Scopes are internally reinforced for Magnum Centerfire Recoil as well as Magnum Spring Piston Air Gun Recoil... They are tough as heck and you can mount them on firearms OR air guns with no worries.
  Hawke Sport Optics is a British Company and europeans shoot a lot of air guns... So naturally, Hawke scopes have to work equally well with air guns as well as firearms.

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