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Hawke Sidewinder 30 and Sidewinder 30 Tactical Rifle Scopes

FREE SHIPPING Plus... Free Lens Covers, Free Sunshade, and Free Detachable Parallax Wheel!

Hawke Sidewinder 30 ScopeHawke Side Winder 30 Scope with Half Mildot ReticleHawke Sidewinder 30 Tactical Scope

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  These side focus parallax adjustable Hawke Sidewinder 30 Riflescopes are optically superb and packed with features. The one piece 30mm tube gives a wider adjustment range and features rigidly tough, coil spring support of the reticle and adjustment mechanism... You get absolute repeatability of windage and elevation at 1/4 MOA per click. Sniper style locking open target knobs are waterproof. The "Side-Focus" knob adjusts parallax from 10yds to infinity. The SR Pro and Half Mildot Reticles illuminate red, green (or black) with the rheostat incorporated into the side focus knob. Plus, You can download FREE Hawke BRC software to program the hit points and range finder on the SR6 or SR12 ballistic reticle.
  Hawke Sidewinder 30 Optics: Pure crystal glass lenses, high resolution multi-coated throughout to give distortion free clarity and brightness. The fast-focus eyepiece assures a crystal clear reticle image. The side focus dials out parallax error for pinpoint accuracy from 10 yds to infinity. Solid, repeatable zero through zooms and adjustments. Waterproof, shock proof and fogproof - Hawke Lifetime Warranty.
  FREE Accessories and Shipping: †Regular and Tactical models come with slightly different sets of free accessories. Please click the blue Info/Order text for specific details of the free accessories included with each scope. Hawke Side- winder 30 scopes are a terrific scope and a terrific value!
Hawke Side Focus Riflescopes
Hawke Side Focus Sidewinder 30 Riflescopes
†Includes: Big Wheel, Sunshade, and Lens Covers
  The SR Pro reticle (above left) and 1/2 Mildot reticle (above right) operate in black as well as illuminated red and green. Program Your Reticle w/ FREE Hawke BRC Software.
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Hawke Scope Catalog PDF | Free Ballistic Reticle Software (BRC) | Scope Instruction Manual

Ordering & Pricing Information

Sidewinder 30 Scopes

Info/Order Models w/SR Pro Reticle
Info/Order Models w/Half Mildot Reticle

(3-12x50, 4-16x50, 6-24x56, 8-32x56)

SW-30 Tactical Scopes

Info/Order Models w/Half Mildot Reticle
10x42, 4.5-14x42, 6.5-20x42, 8.5-25x42

Free Hawke BRC Reticle Software

Mildots, SR, SR PRO, MAP, PASS Reticles
   One of the most fascinating things about Hawke Riflescopes is the BRC (Ballistic Reticle Calculating) Software. The YouTUBE video at right will give you quick demonstration of an earlier version. But you can try the latest version FREE. Click Download BRC.

About the Videos...

  Top left is the original Sidewinder 30 video. Bottom left is the Sidewinder 30 Tactical video. And bottom right is our EABCO original BRC Software Demo Video... It shows an earlier version but will give you a good idea of BRC.
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Eye Relief




Sidewinder 30 3-12x50

SR Pro | 1/2 Mildot




23.4 oz

Sidewinder 30 4-16x50

SR Pro | 1/2 Mildot




25.1 oz

Sidewinder 30 6-24x56

SR Pro | 1/2 Mildot




27.7 oz

Sidewinder 30 8-32x56

SR Pro | 1/2 Mildot




27.9 oz

SW30 Tactical 10x42

1/2 Mildot 10X




25.4 oz

SW30 Tactical 4.5-14x42

1/2 Mildot 10X




27.3 oz

SW30 Tactical 6.5-20x42

1/2 Mildot 20X




27.5 oz

SW30 Tactical 8.5-25x42

1/2 Mildot 20X




29.1 oz

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