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Rod Herrett of Herretts Stocks
(our stockmaker), shot these two 5 shot 100 yards groups with his EABCO Model 97D rifle in 22 Hornet. He uses Hogdon Lil Gun powder. The group on the right was a Barnes 40 grain at 2,996 fps. The group on the left was a Nosler 40 grain at 3,050 fps. Rod credits the 1:12 twist on our air gauged, match grade barrels for this exceptional 22 Hornet accuracy. 

Steve Riddle, World Champion handgun metallic silhouette shooter, sent us this 200 meter 5 shot group from his BF Ultimate Silhouette Pistol in 6.5mm US chambering. Steve is a highly skilled marksman and meticulous handloader. He used the Sierra 120 gr. Match King bullet and VihtaVuori N135 powder. Remarkably, the handgun was bench rested with a 36X rifle scope.

John Weaver, IHMSA 2000 World Champion - "The BF you re-barreled last year to 300/221R is the most accurate and easy to shoot Production gun I have shot. This year I used it to shoot perfect scores in the Region 4 and Texas State matches. In addition, I shot an 80X80 with it at the 2000 IHMSA Internationals and won the shoot-off with 4X5 chickens at 200 meters. In the four shoot-offs I have shot with the BF, I have left only 2 targets. What an outstanding piece of equipment. Thank You, John Weaver"

Richard Mishler, NRA 2000 Nationals Champion, 2000 Extravaganza Champion, and World Record Holder for 500 Meter Handgun Metallic Silhouette used his BF Ultimate Silhouette Pistol in 7mm US chambering to win all three events. "Go ahead and tell your customers how much I love my BF".

Barry Whitford, IHMSA 2000 Australian Champion - �...your BF handguns have once again been successful in this year�s 2000 Australian IHMSA Championships� In centerfire Production, using my 7mm US, I shot 40/40 in competition and then won the shootoff against another shooter using a 7mm US BF. In rimfire Unlimited, I won the category outright with the only rimfire 40/40 shot� I used my (BF) PRODUCTION gun� same gun with which I won the 1999 Aust Champs Production category as well� Thanks again for a great product.�

"Thank you for the excellent work you did on my model 97 in .32 H and R Magnum. My initial outing at the range... I kept getting comments on what a nice rifle it was... all three loads printed to the same point of impact... amazing... Thanks again for putting together one of the most fun rifles I've ever had the pleasure of shooting" -Mike McCabe

"I thought I would pass on to you that I shot another 40 (perfect score) with the gun this past weekend. My load for the 300X221 Rimmed ... VihtaVuori N120 with Marty Flacks 175 grainer (cast bullet). Accuracy is in the 1/2 MOA range... I love the gun..." - Mike Rowles, Region I Overall IHMSA Champion

"I ordered a BF falling block "Varminteer" pistol, 15" heavy barrel... The catalog says, 'Ooh baby, does this thing shoot!' And it does. With the Nosler 40 grain ballistic tip... velocity is 3,350 fps from a 15" barrel, and accuracy is under 1/2" for a six group average - .492" average to be exact." 
- T.D. Clevenger, reporting in an article published in
The Varmint Hunter Magazine.

"I received my (BF) Falling Block Hunter's Pistol in 22 (Long Rifle) match... I fired 10 shot groups, and found that all the top of the line ammo (RWS, Federal, Eley) and some middle of the road ammo could put 10 shots into one inch at 100 yards. Eley 10X Gold put ten shots into 0.85 inches at 100 METERS. Keep up the good work" -John Clayton

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