Gun Cleaning Rods, Jags, and Patches - Bore cleaner jags clean gun barrels thoroughly with tight fitting patches

Gun Cleaning Rods, Jags, and Patches - Bore cleaner jags clean gun barrels thoroughly with tight fitting patches.

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Bench Rest Brushes, Jags, and Cleaning Rods -

 Those funny little slotted patch holders you grew up with just don't clean as well as you need for really accurate shooting. Our Bench Rest Bronze bore brushes and brass jags combine with real cotton patches to leave your rifle bore SQUEEGY CLEAN! Take a look at this equipment and read why it works so well!
PS01.gif (45684 bytes)  Bench Rest Bronze Bore Brushes (Click on the picture to enlarge it) are precision fit to your caliber. They scrub out powder and primer residue, copper jacket material, and lead deposits efficiently... without damaging your barrel! Bronze is softer than steel so it can't scratch. Even the core of our brushes is brass... just to be sure it doesn't scratch or ding any critical barrel surface. Brushes get out the difficult crud that hurts accuracy. 
PS02.gif (37452 bytes)  Our Brass Cleaning Jags combine with our cotton patches to wipe solvents and debris out of your rifle bore. The patched jag fits tightly in the bore as you press it through... much like a squeegy wipes your window clean. Our jags come in "Spear-Tip" (to hold the patch) and button styles to suit particular calibers. You will be amazed at how clean the patched jag can get your rifle bore! (12 Piece Set Click Here!)
  100% Cotton Flannel Patches are un-rivalled in absorbing foreign matter and residue while carrying it through and out the bore with the least amount of abrasive contact.
Stainless Steel
One-Piece Cleaning Rods
are yet another refinement in Gun Cleaning for Accuracy. The one-piece design insures that the rod stays as straight as possible to clean without scraping against the bore. Burnished stainless steel doesn't hold abrasive debris which can scratch your bore. (Plastic coated rods get scratches that hold abrasive debirs. Aluminum rods can corrode and we all know what great sandpaper aluminum oxide makes!) Our one-piece stainless rods have knurled handles and precision bearings so that jags and brushes can rotate with the rifling.  
PS04.gif (33779 bytes)  We always prefer cleaning from the chamber end and pushing everything out the muzzle. But some firearms have to be cleaned from the muzzle end (such as semi-autos). Our Muzzle Guard and Rod Stop protect your crown and bolt face respectively. The Muzzle guard (the funnel shaped unit) keeps the cleaning rod from contacting your crown. And, the rod stop keeps the tool piece (jag or brush) from ramming into your bolt face as it breaks free from each bore pass.

Bench Rest Bronze Bore Brushes

Info/Order 715-17R .17 Cal. Rifle
Info/Order 715-20R .20 Cal. Rifle
Info/Order 715-22R .22 Rimfire Rifle
Info/Order 715-22P .22 Rimfire Pistol
Info/Order 715-22CF .22 Centerfire
Info/Order 715-6R 6mm Rifle
Info/Order 715-6.5R 6.5mm Rifle
Info/Order 715-270R .270 Rifle
Info/Order 715-7R 7mm Rifle
Info/Order 715-30R .30 Rifle
Info/Order 715-338R .338 Rifle
Info/Order 715-35R .358 Rifle
Info/Order 715-375R .375 Rifle
Info/Order 715-416R .416 Rifle
Info/Order 715-45R .45 Rifle
Info/Order 715-50R .50 Rifle
Info/Order 715-38P .357 Pistol
Info/Order 715-9P 9mm Pistol
Info/Order 715-10P 10mm Pistol
Info/Order 715-41P .41 Pistol
Info/Order 715-44P .44 Pistol
Info/Order 715-45P .45 Pistol
Info/Order 715-50P .50 Pistol

Solid Brass Cleaning Jags

Info/Order 715-J17 .17 Cal Spear Tip
Info/Order 715-J20B .20 Cal Spear Tip
Info/Order 715-J22-6B .22-6mm Spear
Info/Order 715-J25B .25 Cal. Spear Tip
Info/Order 715-J6.5B 6.5 mm Spear Tip
Info/Order 715-J270B .270 Cal Spear Tip
Info/Order 715-J7B 7mm Spear Tip
Info/Order 715-J30B .30 Cal. Spear Tip
Info/Order 715-J8B 8mm Spear Tip
Info/Order 715-J338B .338 Cal. Spear Tip
Info/Order 715-J38B .357 Cal. Spear Tip
Solid Brass Cleaning Jags Cont.

Info/Order 715-J35B .358 Cal. Spear Tip
Info/Order 715-J37B .375 Cal. Spear Tip
Info/Order 715-J10B 10mm-.40 Spear T
715-J41B .41 Cal Spear Tip 
715-J416B .416 Cal. Spear Tip
Info/Order 715-J44B .44 Cal Spear Tip
715-J45B .45 Cal. Spear Tip
Info/Order 715-J50B .50 Cal. Spear Tip

Stainless Steel Cleaning Rods 

Info/Order 715-22-17 22½" .17/.20 Cal. Rod*
Info/Order 715-32-17 32½" .17/.20 Cal. Rod*

Stainless Steel Cleaning Rods - Cont'd

Info/Order 715-18-22U 18" Silhouette Rod*
Info/Order 715-26-22-26 26" Short Rifle Rod*
Info/Order 715-36-22-26 36" Rifle Rod*
Info/Order 715-42-22-26 42" Rifle Rod*
* Additional Packaging Charge is $5 Per Rod

100% Cotton Cleaning Patches

Info/Order 715-3-4-500 .17-.22 Cal. (500)
Info/Order 715-3-4-1000 .17-.22 Cal. (1000)
Info/Order 715-1300 .20 Cal. Patches (300)
Info/Order 715-1600 .20 Cal Patches (600)
Info/Order 715-11-8-500 .22-270 Cal. (500)
Info/Order 715-11-8-1000 .22-.270 Cal. (1000)
Info/Order 715-13-4-500 7mm-.38 Cal. (500)
Info/Order 715-13-4-1000 7mm-.38 Cal. (1000)
Info/Order 715-21-4-250 .38-.45 Cal. (250)
Info/Order 715-21-4-500 .38-.45 Cal. (500)

Muzzle Guard and Rod Stop

Info/Order 715-MG1 Muzzle Guard
Info/Order 715-ST1 Rod Stop

PS06.gif (59925 bytes)

Gun Care and Cleaning Products

  RustePrufe - A neat rust protectant and cleaner. Wipe it on exterior surfaces and it dries to a thin "gel" layer that protects while giving a clean, deep look to metal finishes. For gun cleaning, you can use RustePrufe much like you'd use Hoppe's bore solvent... a very good all around gun care product. The applicator kit has a jar and a Chamois cloth applicator. Or you can buy RustPrufe in 2 oz. bottles.
  Hoppe's #9 Bore Solvent - It Works and it Won't Damage Gun Finishes! Hoppe's dissolves lead and copper residue. Use it with bronze brush and patches. Or, fill the barrel and let it soak overnight. We've tried a lot of new fangled solvents and keep coming back to Hoppe's #9. 
  J-B Bore Cleaner - This is a paste substance that's marketed as a cleaner and accuracy enhancer. It is mildly abrasive to bore fouling and works especially well with a jag and tight fitting patch. 
  Formula 44/40 Gun Blue - This is the famous cold blue once manufactured by Numerich Arms. Definitely better than all other cold blues. Use for touch ups from major to minor... especially nice for blacking worn edges... makes your gun look new again.

Info/Order 136-RPK RustePrufe Kit 
Info/Order 136-RP2 RustePrufe (2 oz)
Info/Order 721-902 Hoppe's #9 (2 oz.)
Info/Order 721-904 Hoppe's #9 (4 oz.)
Info/Order 001-002 J-B Bore Cleaner (2oz)

Info/Order 440-002 44/40 Gun Blue 2 oz
Info/Order  J-B Bore Paste Cleaning and Break-In

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