IHMSA Silhouette Sights and NRA Silhouette Sights
IHMSA and NRA Silhouette Sights and Handgun Metallic Silhouette Accessories - Aftermarket Sight Systems for IHMSA NRA

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IHMSA and NRA Handgun Silhouette Sights and Accessories

IHMSA Silhouette Guns, Bomar-Bond Sights, Barrels, Sight Blackers, and More!

ScopeRib Sights Are Back!

New ScopeRib III is Even Better...

  Based on our original ScopeRib I design, the ScopeRib III system incorporates a precision 1/2 MOA adjustable rear sight with our KeyLock scope base to allow use of a scope sights without disturbing your precision iron sights. ►More...

ScopeRib III Silhouette Sight for IHMSA ScopeRib III NRA Silhouette Sights

BF Silhouette Pistols

Thompson Center Arms

ScopeRib III Silhouette Sight Systems 

Redding Reloading Dies

Custom Formed Handloader Brass

Squeegy-Bore Gun Cleaning

VihtaVuori Powder and Lapua Brass

Mil-Dot Scopes for Silhouette!

DISCONTINUED 110-010 Merit Eyeglass Aperture
DISCONTINUED 110-002 Merit/Williams WGRS Aperture
ORDER 950-1001 Bulls Bag 9.5 Tan/Suede

ORDER 077-SAB .224/.30 Sabots (100)
ORDER 077-SAB5 .224/.30 Sabots (500)
ORDER 077-SNBS Bullet/Sabot Seater

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BF Wins World... Again

Trophy XLT Pistol Scopes

Lapua Brass and VihtaVuori Powder

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