Upgrade your shooting experience with our curated selection of match grade triggers from top brands like Rifle Basix, Volquartsen, JARD, TriggerTech, Power Custom, TandemKross, Timney, and more. These triggers fit popular models, like AR-15, Remington, Ruger, Savage, and more. Whether you're a competitive shooter, a precision marksman, or a firearm enthusiast looking to enhance your shooting performance, you've come to the right place.

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Why Choose Our Match Grade Triggers?

Precision Engineering: Our match grade triggers are meticulously crafted by industry-leading brands known for their commitment to precision engineering. Each trigger is designed to deliver consistent and crisp trigger pulls, allowing you to maintain accuracy shot after shot.

Enhanced Accuracy: A high-quality match grade trigger can significantly improve your accuracy and shot placement. These triggers reduce the amount of trigger pull weight variation, resulting in more predictable and repeatable trigger breaks.

Customizable Performance: With a wide variety of trigger options available, you can find the perfect match for your shooting style and preferences. From adjustable pull weights to different trigger shoe designs, you can fine-tune your trigger to suit your needs. Choose from trigger tunes, triggers, hammers, and more. Even select the color: Black, Gold, and Silver. 

Durability and Reliability: Our collection features match grade triggers crafted from durable materials, like aluminum, steel, and tin, ensuring longevity and consistent performance even under demanding shooting conditions. You can trust these triggers to withstand rigorous use without compromising on performance.

Elevate Your Shooting Performance Today!

Upgrade your firearm with a premium match grade trigger from our carefully selected range of brands. Experience improved accuracy, smoother pulls, and enhanced shooting control that can make a remarkable difference in your shooting endeavors. Browse our collection now and find the perfect match grade trigger for your firearm.

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